Waste Land Development

The Dang is rocky region which due to its geology hinders most agriculture activity. The Gram Gaurav Sansthan supports the local farmers by helping convert this waste-land into double cropping arable land by building structures traditionally known as Pagaras.

Pagara is traditional soil harvesting structure built downstream in the nallas. This structure involves constructing a submerged retaining wall across the nallas to arrest the soil run off. A Pagara, once built, over a two or three year harvest cycle, helps in the accumulation of about two feet of fertile soil, enabling the farmers to convert the earlier barren/rocky land to a cultivable one.

The levels of land degradation in Dang render them unusable for agriculture-related purposes. But it is possible to arrest degradation and revitalize the land by constructing ‘Adwatts’ and ‘Ghers’ along the contours. Adwatts and Ghers are stone bunds that arrest the erosion of soil on slopes. Such land can be used for cultivation of bajra and fodder cultivation.