About Gram Gaurav Sansthan

Community-based grassroots organization, GGS works for improving the livelihood conditions of the households in the Dang region. Registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act, 1958, GGS has been working across 78 villages in this region. The rocky topography of the Dang poses two challenges for the community. First, the rocky landscape does not allow the water to seep through, thus, wasting the opportunity to recharge the ground water. Second, the steep incline results in a significant run off of the rainwater. On the other hand, such topography can be gainfully used for the storage of water.

The GGS team has been working on water and land conservation since 2001. It has revived the indigenous knowledge on water and soil conservation, and constructed traditional structures such as Pagara, Pokhar and Taal. Realizing the need for long term and sustainable development, community members contribute one-third to one-half of these structures construction costs.

GGS team carries out a detailed topographic and baseline survey to identify the appropriate site. Further, the team assesses the motivation and commitment level of the local community for their contribution (physical and local material) for these structures. Their synergetic impact on the available land for agriculture and irrigation has led to increase in agricultural yield, livestock productivity, and access to drinking water. Thus, generating a great demand for these structures from across the villages. Although, GGS`s team is present in 78 out of 300 villages in the area, and has created more than 190 structures, the demand for these structures far outstrips the available financial resources.